What does the campus include?

An all-inclusive program designed for the experience of participants and the peace of mind of families

🌎 Transport

  • Round trip plane tickets from Barcelona or Madrid.
  • Transportation from the airport to the universities.
  • Transportation for medium or long-distance excursions to Chicago, shopping centers and surrounding Milwaukee.

🇺🇸 Medical and travel insurance

All participants will have medical and travel insurance specially chosen for a country like the United States, where the costs of medical services and other basic services are very high (medical expenses up to €1,000,000).

🍝 All you can eat meals

  • The university has an open buffet that will be open to campus participants during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Gluten-free or vegetarian menus can be ordered, as well as any other menu for participants with allergies or specific diets.

💪 Physiotherapy service

  • Next to the basketball courts there is a physiotherapy room with all kinds of material for the prevention and treatment of small injuries.
  • 💤 Double bedrooms

    • The rooms are doubles with a shared desk.
    • The bathrooms are located in the hallway and are shared between several rooms.

    🏀 MSOE, communal areas

    Milwaukee School of Engineering has spaces such as dining rooms, libraries or game rooms that are very close to the dormitories.

    🎡 Museums and other activities

    Visits to the Milwaukee Art Museum y the headquarters of the well-known Harley-Davidson with an unrivaled collection of motorcycles. Visit one of the best baseball teams in the country, aerial displays on the beach and new field of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, among many other activities.

    🧢 Personalized equipment

    Baloncesto in USA is giving away personalized training equipment, so that participants can train with it and take home a souvenir of their time on campus.
    The training shirts are made of a material that wicks sweat and dries quickly


    What type of visa do participants need?

    Participants need to obtain an ESTA visa to enter the United States. It is a visa that is obtained online and the parents or guardians of the participant are responsible for obtaining it. Even so, we assist you and help you with any questions.

    Can the participants do the laundry during the stay?

    The MSOE has rooms with washing machines and dryers available for all participants.

    What are English classes like?

    A level test is carried out on all participants, and from there they are assigned to level groups. Two hours of English classes are held in the mornings, taught by native teachers with extensive experience with international students. The classes are dynamic and with a lot of interaction. In addition, the use of English is encouraged throughout the day for all activities carried out.

    Are the participants accompanied at all times?

    Participants are accompanied by coaches at all times – international trips, weekend trips, day-to-day campus trips.

    How much cash should participants carry?

    What is the food like in the MSOE dining room?

    The university has an open buffet that is open to campus participants during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffet is abundant and varied and tutors supervise what is eaten. Gluten-free or vegetarian menus can be requested, as well as any other menu for participants with allergies or specific diets.

    Do you want to know more about BIU?

    Write us if you have any other questions or consult our daily routine to find out more about our activities and training.