Facilities and campus

Modern facilities, central location, safe university campus and a quiet, sunny city.

The camp takes place at the MSOE


basketball court MSOE
basketball court MSOE

This well-known university has been included by Forbes magazine in its prestigious America’s Top Colleges list. The university is located in the very center of the city of Milwaukee, in a quiet and safe neighborhood, a 10-minute walk from the basketball arena of the Milwaukee Bucks, an NBA team.

The MSOE is known for offering varied studies and has a wide variety of foreign students, including several Spaniards.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Even though it is the biggest city in Wisconsin, it has only half a million residents. It is a quiet city and very safe.


Milwaukee has a beautiful historic downtown, with emblematical buildings that complement perfectly with the modern part of the city.

Outdoor activities

The average temperature during the summer is 25ºC (77ºF). This good weather allows us to do plenty of outdoor activities along Lake Michigan or in one of the local parks.

Great location

It is located just an hour and a half away from Chicago, and it is very close to many other places where we will do excursions and explore the outdoors; either in Lake Michigan or in Wisconsin forest.

Modern facilities

The university has two parquet pavilions, a physiotherapy room next to the main pavilion and a gym with all types of machines.

Outdoor activities

In addition to basketball, the university has first-class sports facilities, including soccer fields and volleyball fields.


Ice rink

Yes, you read that right, inside the university there is an ice rink, where the university team plays hockey games during the winter.

University classrooms

We will be able to freely use any classroom at the university to teach English classes or any other information session.

Communal areas

In their free time, they can take advantage of the common spaces like this one in the image, where they can interact with other students or relax for a while.

And also: open buffet dining rooms, bookstore,...

Beyond the spaces mentioned, the university has many other community spaces such as the bookstore or game rooms.

MSOE University

We are more than just a summer campus

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